Borderlands 3

Handsome Jack was going to be the antagonist of Borderlands 3

The latest Borderlands game could have been very different if Gearbox hadn't moved in a different direction.

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We really liked Borderlands 3, but if there was one particular area where Borderlands 2 was way better, it was the main antagonist. Sure, Troy and Tyreen Calypso with their group Children of the Vault had their charm, but they were still nowhere near as charismatic as Handsome Jack (the President of the Hyperion Corporation and an evil mastermind to boot).

Still, we're glad that Gearbox went for something new instead of bringing the old back again, but it could actually have been different. In an interview picked up over on Resetera (that obviously flew under the radar earlier), Randy Varnell from developer Gearbox revealed that Handsome Jack was planned to be the main baddie of Borderlands 3 as well.

But after hearing fans saying they were hoping on something new instead of old Jack, they ultimately decided to change things up. Of course, he is still mentioned several times in the adventure, but do you think leaving him out was the right choice?

Borderlands 3

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