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Handheld LCD games are making a comeback

If you've got fond memories of playing LCD games back in the '90s then we have some good news for you.

Hasbro has revealed the comeback of its beloved LCD games via
Twitter, with The Verge acting as its exclusive media outlet revealing that Tiger Electronics LCD handheld is coming back, with Transformers, Sonic, The Little Mermaid, and of course X-men headlining the re-launch.

Prices should be $14.99, and with a fair chance of the products also reaching Europe. It is apparently possible to pre-order them at Gamestop, but the site was not working at the time of writing.

Hasbro told The Verge that "each game is 'inspired' by the original version from the 1990s. They all sport a familiar control setup, with monochromatic graphics displayed on top of a static, colorful backdrop." And that "the design and technology were created with the original handheld game unit in mind."

Are you going to buy your old favourite games or are keeping to your smartphone?

Handheld LCD games are making a comeback

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