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Halo 5: Guardians

Halo's 2018 season includes a partner event with Gears of War

Records will be broken too.

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The Halo World Championship 2018 season wrapped up last month, and now Halo Waypoint has revealed details for the next season, building upon the improved tournament gameplay that's been detailed already here.

The goals, first of all, are to maintain high quality for both the broadcasts and events as well as focus on the series participation, which means open and honest talks with fans, players, and teams. "We want the HCS to be welcoming and inviting to new fans and players, inspiring a new generation of participants to join the community, attend events, and win championships," the post reads.

We then get a roadmap, which you can see below:

Halo 5: Guardians
Photo: Halo

As you can see, the season will start with a New Orleans event, but what's extra exciting about this is that a Gears Pro Circuit event will also be there, meaning that "for the first time in nearly a decade, Halo and Gears of War will share the same roof - and it will all take place in the Big Easy with our friends and partners at MLG." On the Halo side of things, there'll be a $250,000 USD prize pool (the biggest for an open event since the Halo Championship Series started), as well as a $5,000 free-for-all for individual players.

After that the HCS will hit London once more, with the Gfinity Arena hosting competitors from around the world, making it the first official global open event outside North America, with a prize pool of $135,000, again breaking records as it's the biggest official prize pool ever offered for a European Halo tournament. This will also feature a $5,000 FFA event too.

The finals will then be held in North America in November, although details are scarce. What we do know is that teams around the world compete both at LAN and online for points, and these will then determine who gets flown to the three events of the season. Casual competitions will also be on offer at Microsoft Stores in 82 locations around North America, Australia, and Puertro Rico, with the following breakdown:

June 3 - 2v2
July 8 - FFA
Aug 12 - 2v2
Sept 9 - 4v4

Are you a big fan of Halo's esports scene?

Halo 5: Guardians
Photo: Halo

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