Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2's David Nicholson discusses console and PC

"RTS gameplay was very solid, and I think that works on any platform."

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At Gamescom 2016 we talked with Halo Wars 2's Executive Producer David Nicholson about the long-awaited sequel to the original game and he said that putting it on both console and PC wasn't too much of a struggle.

"Our thought started with basically that we just have to make the best RTS game that we could," he said, "so we had a fantastic foundation with the original Halo Wars [and] we wanted to build upon that, address the things that players loved and some of the feedback they gave us not only through the original Halo Wars but also through the beta, and we wanted to make sure that the core RTS gameplay was very solid, and I think that works on any platform."

"We then look at the interface and the controls and as I say the original Halo Wars did a fantastic job of bringing RTS controls to a controller. We've built upon that, we've extended that and also we're putting in PC specific variations on the controls which give some of the PC players some things that maybe they're more familiar with from their other PC RTS titles."

Halo Wars 2 is due on February 21 next year for PC and Xbox One.

Halo Wars 2Halo Wars 2Halo Wars 2

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