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Halo Season 2 has wrapped filming, will release next year

We've got a confirmation on this from Master Chief directly.

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Master Chief actor Pablo Schreiber has confirmed that Halo Season 2 has finished filming, and that it will be releasing next year.

The actor confirmed the news over on his Instagram page, where he also thanked the cast and crew that he worked alongside for the last 11 months. "They kept me honest and kept me sane," he wrote. "And I couldn't have done any of it without them! I love them all!"

The first season of Halo's TV adaptation was met with middling reviews, due to it diverting from a lot of the source material. We saw Master Chief without his helmet (or anything else, for that matter), and this among other issues caused a lot of fans to turn off.

But, it seems Paramount still has faith in Halo, or at least knows enough people will hate watch it to still make it profitable.

Will you be watching Halo Season 2?

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