Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite seems to have passed 30 million players

Another LinkedIn profile reveals more than it probably should have.

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Microsoft has been fairly secretive regarding numbers for Halo Infinite, which got a great launch, but with no support to follow. This led to a lot of criticism and people seemingly leaving the game for greener pastures in other live-service titles.

But now we might have got an idea of how many people that have played the game thanks to the LinkedIn profile of Ben F., who used to be the product manager at 343 Industries, but left earlier this year. He claims the game has mustered over 30 million players, which means it has enjoyed quite the growth despite the troublesome first year on the market. As we assume this might be changed in his profile when Microsoft notices this, we've made screen-capture you can check out further below.

343 Industries has continued to expand and enhance Halo Infinite in several ways and launched many requested features since the release in late 2021. And thanks to the well received Season 5: Reckoning, which started last month, the numbers are finally pointing in the right direction for Master Chief again.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

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