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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is getting 8v8 Squad Battle on classic Halo 3 maps

343 Industries has introduced a new playlist that Halo veterans are sure to appreciate.

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If you ask people which Halo they like most, chances are quite few of them will answer Halo 3. It was released back in 2007 as the first Halo for Xbox 360 and was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews and huge sales numbers.

And clearly, 343 Industries has now realised this is something many gamers would like to return to. They have therefore launched a mode called 8v8 Squad Battle for Halo Infinite. The studio explains the concept, which is compared to good ol' classic Big Team Battle:

"If you find Big Team Battle too chaotic at 12v12 but 4v4 is just not enough, then let us introduce you to the new Squad Battle playlist!

Resembling the BTB of old, Squad Battle pits 8v8 in a mix of Slayer and Objective modes on community made maps that lend themselves well to both infantry and vehicular combat. Some might even look a little familiar to Halo veterans..."

To really maximise the nostalgia of 8v8 Squad Battle, three Forge created classics from Halo 3 have been added for this new mode, and it's a really good selection:

• Halo 3 Last Resort Remake
• Halo 3 Valhalla Remake
• Halo 3 Rat's Nest Remake

Head over to Halo Waypoint to read more about this. Or... just boot up Halo Infinite and join the fun.

Halo Infinite

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