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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite gets Japanese flavoured first free multiplayer event

But, you can only complete seven of the 30 tiers of the free Event Pass during a week.

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The first official multiplayer event for Halo Infinite has just started, called Fracture: Tenrai. It consists of a completely free 30 tier Event Pass with six appearances that will take place during Season 1, with new weekly challenges to complete in a new Fiesta playlist. But you can only unlock seven at most during a week, so there's no one who will be able to rush it all to unlock everything in no-time.

By playing this, you will unlock new Yoroi armour pieces, inspired by Japanese samurais - and we have to say 343 Industries nailed the designs on this one. There are also other things that can be unlocked, which is listed on Halo Waypoint:

  • Torii Reflection - Epic Backdrop

  • Gatekeeper - Legendary Shoulder Pads

  • Rare Samurai Nameplate & Emblems

  • Sol Devil - Legendary Weapon Coating (MA40 AR)

  • Whispered Sky - Epic Weapon Coating (Sidekick and BR75 Battle Rifle)

  • Spring Blossom Filter - Legendary Helmet Attachment

  • Swordsman's Belt - Legendary Utility for Yoroi Armor Core

The second part of the Event Pass starts in January, and you will get to keep all your progress. A trailer for the Fracture: Tenrai event can be found below.

Halo Infinite

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