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Battlefield 2042

Halo Infinite dwarfed Battlefield 2042 on Steam over the weekend

Despite EA's latest shooter only officially launching on Friday.

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Even though people have been able to get their hands-on Battlefield 2042 since November 12, as part of the game's early access period, the shooter only officially released on Friday, November 19. With that in mind, we can now see just how well the title is performing on Steam, and compared to 343 Industries' Halo Infinite multiplayer, Battlefield seems to really be struggling.

As we can see on SteamDB charts, on release day, Battlefield 2042 peaked at just over 105,000 players on Steam. Not bad numbers, but still only about half of Halo Infinite's peak on the same day, which was 199,000.

Saturday, November 20 saw a similar story, with Battlefield once again peaking around the 100,000 mark, and Halo this time hitting 180,000. As we moved into Sunday, both titles started to temper off more and more, with Battlefield peaking at 93,000 whereas Halo reached 171,000.

Halo is losing players at a faster rate to Battlefield, but with a seemingly larger playerbase to boot, this can be expected. We'll have to see where the stats once again lie a week down the line, when the launch hype for Battlefield 2042 and the surprise release of Halo Infinite (on November 15) begins to cool off even more.

Battlefield 2042

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