Halo creator leaves EA's new Battlefield studio

Marcus Lehto started at Ridgeline Games in 2021, so that didn't last long.

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V1 Interactive, the studio that only managed to make Disintegration, had barely been shut down when its founder and the Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto announced he was going to EA's new Battlefield studio Ridgeline Games. That was over two years ago, so many have been hoping to see what Lehto could bring to DICE's FPS universe soon. Turns out, we kind of won't get to see it at all.

Because Marcus Lehto confirms on Facebook and LinkedIn that he has left Ridgeline Games. That's quite interesting, as he was the game director on the Battlefield game the studio is working on. Does this mean he had "creative differences" with EA, lay-offs or what?

Lehto hasn't said anything else about this on social media, so it's difficult to say, but the fact that this happens just three weeks after he posted a seemingly happy photo from a lunch with the team definitely makes it seem like he hasn't been planning this for a long time...

Halo creator leaves EA's new Battlefield studio

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