Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: CE Anniversary hits The Master Chief Collection on PC

Updated: the remastered first game in the series is out now on PC.

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Update: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has indeed landed on PC today.

Original: It looks like Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is about to hit PC, with the new trailer that landed yesterday a headline tease from 343 Industries as the team looks to get us in the mood for the imminent return of Master Chief's first outing.

The trailer goes by the name of 'Unseal the Hushed Casket' and as fans will recognise, the events herein take place at the beginning of the first Halo game (and shortly after the events of Halo: Reach, which landed on PC late last year and is also part of the MCC).

That's not the only sighting we've made, and our trawl revealed new posts on Instagram and Facebook that seem to vaguely hint at something imminent, TrueAchievements spotted a store listing, plus all of these teases follow a lengthy update over on Waypoint where the developers go into forensic detail on a number of things that have been tweaked for the PC version during testing (including 'classic' audio sounds that can be toggled on and off).

Finally, and this is pure speculation on our part, Halo: Reach dropped on PC on Tuesday, December 3. With that being the case, might today, Tuesday, March 3, be the day that John 117 returns to PC for the first time in years?

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is an updated version of the first Halo game and it launched on Xbox 360 in November 2011, before joining the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One in November 2014. When it does eventually launch on PC, it'll do so as part of the MCC, and it will be included in the PC and Xbox Game Pass.

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