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Sea of Thieves

Halloween-themed expansion released for Sea of Thieves

Fort of the Damned adds plenty to the game this spooky season, including ancient magic you must defeat.

As we're getting closer to Halloween, Rare has decided to spook us all with the new expansion called Fort of the Damned, where some unknown dark forces have taken over the Old Boot Fort, "using ancient magic to bring forth an evil that transforms it into the Fort of the Damned, overrun with sinister Shadow of Fate Skeletons"... at least according to the press release.

This is an excellent excuse to do some more pirate adventures and try to bring down this fort, but to do this you must "find Ritual Skulls, claim the Flames of Fate then band together" (make sure to fly your Alliance flag to show others that you want cooperation and not plundering).

The fort is a permanent new addition, and just like the Megalodon, you can activate it by meeting all the demands necessary.

What else is there? Well, you can also get Skeleton Pets in the Pirate Emporium, and this offer only lasts until the November update. It is also possible to join the Arena together with a friend in a Sloop, and the Arena has been updated in many ways, like six new locations.

Rare has also added the banjo to the game, and this means you can now play the many popular shanties with a new twang to it.

There are other new things as well, like new Achievements, more stuff to buy, and more emergent loot, and you can see an overview in the trailer below.

Is this the best way to celebrate Halloween?

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