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Final Fantasy XIV

Halloween hits Final Fantasy XIV with All Saints' Wake

The event returns alongside themed items.

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With Halloween just around the corner, many games are offering themed content and events, and now Final Fantasy XIV is getting in the spirit too, since Square Enix has announced that their annual event called All Saints' Wake has just started and will run until November 1.

In this event players can visit an infested manor and turn into scary creatures, some of them incredibly familiar. In addition to this, as per tradition, players can get unique in-game items from the Continental Circus to Gridania, including two ghost minions - Little Yin and Little Yang - and a series of themed items. Also, some items from previous All Saints' Wake events will be available for the duration of this year's event.

If that's not enough, Square Enix will also host the North American stop of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival tour in Las Vegas from November 16 to 17, although tickets are sold out, so players will have to follow the event directly from the official channel on Twitch.

Is this your spooky event of choice?

Final Fantasy XIV

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