Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Halloween event and new Shadowkeep dungeon opened for Destiny 2: New Light

Collect terrible masks and sweet treats.

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he seasonal Halloween event Festival of the Lost started this week in Destiny 2: New Light (which you can play for free now). Until November 19th players can earn candy in the tower and unlock spooky masks besides other customization options for their shooting efforts.

In addition, a new dungeon has been opened up in Bungie's Loot Shooter - the dangerous Pit of Heresy. Up to three players can try their fireteam in this challenging test and face a new enemy force. In the video below you get more information and a further insight on its challenges.

Furthermore a new exotic gun is available to collect, but there is also another crucible mode called Momentum Control that was added to the game. In it only weapon kills are filling up the super energy bar, which in turn will heat up your performance by unlocking your guardians mighty abilities. Trick or treat guardians.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

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