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Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 has been updated ahead of the launch of Valve's Steam Deck

The update is adding 1280x800 resolution support, as well as a larger field-of-view option.

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Later this year, Valve is getting stuck into the handheld gaming market with its Steam Deck, a device touted as a portable gaming PC. This gadget will allow owners to play a list, and hopefully one day, all of Steam's games on-the-go, but achieving that feat will mean that certain titles need to be updated to suit what the Steam Deck offers.

One that recently received this treatment is Half-Life 2, which has had an unexpected update that introduced a few welcome extra features, as well as ensuring the game can play at 1280x800 resolution, which is what the Steam Deck will play at.

Noticed by Valve YouTuber Tyler McVicker, the new update for the game is currently on a beta branch of the game, and seems to be mainly focussed on ensuring the iconic title is viable for Steam Decks. As part of this, the game also now supports Vulkan, which is used in the Steam Deck's operating system.

A few other goodies have been added as well, and while there are no patch notes, McVicker did mention that the HUD has been unlocked to suit whatever resolution you play the game at, the field-of-view has been expanded to 110, and ultrawide monitor support is now available.

Steam Deck is set to start shipping in the UK and around Europe in December 2021, with the base model retailing for £349.

Half-Life 2

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