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Pokémon Sword/Shield

Half of the Pokémon at the World Championships in London were modified Pokémon

According to someone using analytical tools, it has been determined that 44% of the Pokémon used in the official competition were illegal or hacked.

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We were a little surprised by the news, but looking at the trend in recent years it seems that there were no surprises for the veterans in this. It turns out that during the recently concluded Pokémon World Championships 2022 in London, hacker Kurt (@Kaphotics on Twitter) revealed that 44% of the pocket monsters used in the VGC (the actual Sword and Shield tournament) were illegal or hacked Pokémon.

What does this mean? Well, under natural conditions it is impossible for such Pokémon to exist with some of their stats or attacks. The truth is that in the rules of this year's championship (Series 12, which ends tomorrow, August 31) there is no mention of how to breed (or create) the Pokémon that enter the competition, only the times in each match a Pokémon can participate and those that can use the Dinamax form (typical of the Sword and Shield Pokémon titles). The stats and attacks of each one are not mentioned.

So, although in our normal game these Pokémon may be considered tricked or hacked, they are perfectly valid for official competition. Modified or not, the excitement of the final between Eduardo Cunha and Guillermo "KastyTP" Castilla will not be spoiled by anyone.

Pokémon Sword/Shield

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