Hades is coming to Netflix in two weeks

Supergiant's massively acclaimed roguelike is coming to mobile devices exclusively through the streamer.

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Netflix revealed a while ago that it was making a huge commitment to the gaming sector by providing its subscribers with a slate of playable experiences at no extra cost. This line-up has expanded over the months, even most recently including the new Rainbow Six: SMOL, but it will soon also include Supergiant Games' massively acclaimed roguelike Hades.

It was confirmed a while back that Hades would be debuting on the streamer but a firm date was never outlined. Until now. Supergiant will be launching Hades as a mobile experience exclusively through Netflix on March 19, 2024, and to discuss this launch, creative director Greg Kasavin spoke at a roundtable to explain how Hades has made the jump to mobile.

"Our foremost goal was to make this an uncompromising version of Hades. To cut no corners," Kasavin started. "With the game being as well regarded as it is, we frankly did not want to mess with it too much, just like with the previous versions of the game, we did not do a bunch of post-launch DLC or anything like that. We developed the game in Early Access with our goal being to make a complete feeling game, so by the time that we were done we felt like we had pretty much gotten there. This new mobile version of Hades is that game, with all the content, with all the possible hundreds of hours of gameplay and unfolding story and all that."

Hades will use touch controls for this mobile version, but while that is pretty commonplace for mobile gaming, what isn't is seeing the title debut on just one major platform: that being iOS. As to why Hades isn't coming to Android systems, Kasavin also shed some light on the matter.

"The mobile version of the game that's coming out, it's only available on iOS for the moment. We've worked on a number of mobile versions of our games in the past and they've only ever been on iOS, it's kind of where our development studio's ability lies, and that's kind of been our area of focus. We know there are other devices and platforms out there, we get asked can Hades come to this platform, and so on, and we really appreciate those questions because it means there is interest in the game. But as a small team, we have always had to be very selective about where we focus our development efforts and we wanted to make sure this version of the game was as good as possible, and that meant working with a platform we had familiarity with already."

With Hades coming to Netflix in a couple of weeks, you can check out the Netflix trailer for the game below.


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