Hades II

Hades II's first patch is out now and makes some massive changes

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Hades II, despite having more content than its predecessor, is still in Early Access, and so a lot can change. The first example of that is the game's big new patch, which landed last night and delivered some changes to the mobility of Melinoë, a great boost to your resource gathering, and some important bug fixes.

In a post on Steam, you can read through all the additional patch notes, but the largest changes here are to your Dash and Sprint, as well as resource gathering. Regarding the former, your Sprint is now faster and turning is more responsive. You can Dash more reliably as well, meaning you won't get caught mid-attack by an enemy swipe.

As well, no longer do you need to sacrifice loads of resources for the sake of one. The Gathering Tools in Hades II have been reworked, so that the tool you take only prioritises its corresponding resource, meaning you'll see it a lot more on your runs. And for other resources, they will appear but just be more difficult to see.

This patch doesn't add in any new content, and we're going to have to wait until a proper update drops for that. Hopefully, Supergiant plans to have one in the next few months or so.

Hades II

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