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Hades II: Nocturnal Arms Tier List and How to Get Them

We've ranked the Hades II weapons and have the tips on how you can get them.

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Like the Infernal Arms in the first game, the Nocturnal Arms in Hades II are the bread and butter of combat. They can change massively with Boons, Daedalus upgrades, and more, but to really shine in the game, you'll want to find the weapon that best suits you and your playstyle. Do you like to keep things up close and personal, or do you prefer sitting at the back and dodging as much damage as possible?

That being said, in Hades II not every weapon is made equal, and some shine brighter than others under the light of the moon. In this list, we'll break down each weapon, its strengths, and how you can get it. Keep in mind this is subjective, but we've tried to approach this list from a perspective of which weapons are most likely to get you your first successful run.

Hades II

S-tier: The Moonstone Axe

(Requires 15 Silver)

Ranking at number one is the big, hefty Moonstone Axe. The basic attacks of this weapon might seem a bit slow, and are the slowest out of all the weapons released thus far, but considering the Omega attack spins you around quick as a flash, and the damage output can become ridiculous quite quickly when combined with boons from Hephaestus or Hestia, this weapon clearly stands out above its peers.

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For new players as well, or those who have a tougher time with the combat, the axe has a block that then doubles as a ranged option when you charge it up. That ranged attack does cost a hefty amount of Magick, but once again the damage you get in return is disgusting. To get your hands on the Moonstone Axe, you need 15 Silver, which might sound like a lot, but considering Silver is the easiest thing to get with your pick, and you don't even need to beat the first boss to get it. Just take your pick out and chip away at any Silver deposits you find.

A-tier: Lim and Oros, The Sister Blades

(Requires 1 Silver)

The second easiest weapon to get in the game is technically two weapons, though you use them as one. Lim and Oros AKA The Sister Blades will be unlockable as soon as you can get access to other weapons, and they are incredibly quick, great damage dealers that allow you to dash into combat, kill a few foes, and then dash out again. The quick knife throw from Lim and Oros as a special also allows you to keep your distance if you wish, and when you combine regular attacks and specials, the amount of damage you can dish out is very impressive.

If we weren't putting each weapon in its own category, I could easily have Lim and Oros sitting at the same point as the Moonstone Axe. The only thing that puts the Axe over slightly is that the daggers don't have a block option, which will prove invaluable for players learning the ropes.

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B-tier: Witch's Staff

(Your Starting Weapon)

Melinoë's starting weapon, the Witch's Staff, is suitably located in the middle of this list. It reminds me of the spear in the first Hades, except without the speed or damage consistency. It allows you to poke from somewhat of a distance, although most enemy attacks will still hit you when you're in range to hit them. A ranged attack is included and your Omega attack is also capable of hitting enemies from a great distance, but compared to some of the other entries on the list, it can feel quite underwhelming at times. Hopefully, when the aspects are released, we can see the spear be more than just the thing you drop as soon as you pick up the Sister Blades.

Hades II

C-tier: Argent Skull

(Requires 1 Bronze and 2 Glassrock)

The trickiest weapon to get in the game by far, the Argent Skull requires you to head to the Fields of Mourning (which is the third area in the Underworld passage) and then mine Bronze from the surface. Basically, if you're looking to get the weapons as soon as possible, be sure to bring your pick wherever you go.

And what do you get once you've gathered those resources? Well, the Argent Skull essentially turns your hand into a grenade launcher. The skulls do decent AoE damage, but you only get three of them at a time, meaning unless you want to just spam the charging special attack, you're going to be running around after running around picking up your skulls like you had to grab Casts in the original game. Still, I found myself adapting to this playstyle rather quickly, and I wouldn't say they're the worst weapon, just probably the ones that take the most getting used to.

D-tier: Umbral Flames

(Requires 3 Silver and 3 Cinder)

And here we have it. The Umbral Flames are a smaller, weaker version of Hecate's weapons, and you have to beat her three times to get them. They shoot balls of fire from range, dealing more damage when channeled for long enough, and for their special they send wheeling flames around the point you send them at in an arc. That sounds pretty good on paper, but the Umbral Flames have so far only been underwhelming.

The damage output on the basic attack isn't good unless you're firing at the same target consistently, which requires you to be moving slower than you'd like in a game that can get as hectic as Hades II. Also, even when channeling the damage just doesn't reach the peaks of the Axe and Sister Blades, or any other weapon for that matter. The Special can compensate for the damage in that regard, but it can be quite awkward to be your main way of dealing with enemies. Perhaps it's just me, but the Umbral Flames are the only weapon I'd say could even do with some work.

What's your favourite Hades II weapon?

Hades II

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