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Hades II

Hades II has been announced

Supergiant Games is expanding its critically-acclaimed roguelike series.

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Supergiant Games has announced that it will be continuing and expanding the critically-acclaimed roguelike series Hades, with a complete sequel. Known simply as Hades II, the game will see players once again exploring the Underworld of Greek myth, all in an effort to take on the Titan of Time.

Hades II will be a direct sequel picking up sometime after the events of the original, although will not need any knowledge of the first to be played and enjoyed. The protagonist this time will be the character Melinoë, the sister of Zagreus, who will be tasked with exploring a bigger and deeper world that spans new locations, and features plenty of fresh challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises.

No word has been mentioned as to when exactly the game will actually arrive or on which platforms, but Supergiant has stated that Hades II is in full production and that the developer is aiming to enter into Early Access first sometime in early 2023, all before eyeing a full launch in the future.

Check out the announcement trailer below.

Hades II

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