Hades II

Hades II drops a surprise patch full of combat, level, and narrative changes

We've not yet got extra content to dig through, but significant work is being done on Hades II.

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Hades II has just received its second Early Access patch, and unlike the first, it seems this patch is largely based on fixing what Supergiant wants to see improved, rather than specifically responding to what players have found to be the most glaring problems.

There are a lot of changes to dig through here, and they range from general gameplay, to narrative changes, to alterations to the game's weapons and upgrades. You can find the full list of patch notes here, but we'll pick out a few we find to be interesting.

It seems like every weapon has been given a buff, whether that be faster attack times, channel times, or - as in the case of the Umbral Flames - the weapon has got a bunch of help to make it feel less awful.

Certain Daedalus Hammers have been removed from the game and replaced with similar features. While this has been done for the sake of balance, some players are left scratching their heads as to why these powerful blessings have been reworked when some were still struggling with the game's difficulty.

All the arts for the keepsakes have now been added as well, so you can have a look at your fine collection of little trinkets without just seeing placeholder rings.

Hades II

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