Hackers add new games to the Mini NES

Previously unavailable titles now added to the line-up for those that dare tinker.

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Hackers have managed to add games previously unavailable to the Mini NES, the retro console released by Nintendo at the end of last year.

The hack involves uploading the console's internal memory to a computer then adding in the ROM files, then re-uploading it to the mini console. Apart from potential legality concerns, this procedure also puts your console at risk of breaking if not completed correctly.

The Mini NES launched in November with 30 games pre-installed, and Nintendo were quick to make it absolutely clear that they will not be expanding on the console's library. Initially it was thought that the console might have access to the Nintendo e-shop (where you can purchase and download more games) yet the Mini NES has no way of connecting to the internet.

The hackers have worked out that the Mini NES has enough physical storage for 60 games, double the amount of games that the console was launched with. Of course it could have been possible that Nintendo were working on including more games and just ran out of time. Still, using the available storage space, Mini NES owners who have modded their systems have been able to play titles not included in the console, including DuckTales and Tetris.

Hackers add new games to the Mini NES

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