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League of Legends

Hachani gets benched by Vitality

His replacement is uncertain.

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After three weeks of the EU LCS, French side Team Vitality sit in fourth place in Group B, with just one win and three losses to their name. That may well be the reason why they have recently announced a roster change, then, one that will see Ha "Hachani" Seung-chan benched.

"Despite his talent and great knowledge on the game being undeniable, it is clear that things didn't click correctly within the team," the announcement explains, "thus preventing a significant improvement in our results despite the amount of work each member had put in."

Vitality has, however, said that Hachani will still support the team as both an assistant coach and an analyst for the rest of the Spring Split, but who will be coming in as support in his place is uncertain. Do you think Hachani is to blame for the less-than-ideal form?

League of Legends
Photo: Team Vitality

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