H3CZ is reportedly buying Optic Gaming

The former Optic creator/owner is re-acquiring the esports IP.

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Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez has re-acquired the Optic Gaming IP in its entirety, states a report from the Esports Observer.

Known previously as the former owner, creator and builder of the Optic Gaming organisation, H3CZ relinquished his position when Immortals Gaming purchased Optic's parent company, Infinite for $100 million last June. Since then, H3CZ has become affiliated with NRG Esports, where he currently holds the position of Co-CEO.

Even with ties to NRG, this deal is reportedly separate, and was completed by H3CZ himself. However, with H3CZ's ownership stake in the Chicago Huntsmen, NRG's Call of Duty League franchise, H3CZ will have to offload the Los Angeles Call of Duty League spot, currently held by Optic Gaming to avoid conflict with League mandated rules.

H3CZ's ties with NRG and the Huntsmen is thought to be maintained, which makes it seem as though a lucky organisation could soon be in the running for a spot in the Call of Duty League.

H3CZ is reportedly buying Optic Gaming
Photo: OpTic Gaming

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