Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1 leaving beta on PS4

New trailer lands as the elder statesmen of the battle royale scene exits beta.

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H1Z1 was one of the first games to appear in the so-called Battle Royale genre, with Daybreak Game Company even working with PUBG's very own PlayerUnknown to develop a play style that has since been widely adopted and adapted by a number of different shooters operating in the same space.

The game has been out in the wild on PC for some time, and in beta on PS4 since earlier this year. Now, however, Daybreak has decided that enough is enough and the game is ready to be called finished, and the studio preparing for the game to exit from beta on PlayStation 4 on August 7.

As part of the shift from open beta for full release, Daybreak has confirmed a new season pass, weapons, vehicles, and general performance tweaks. The studio also dropped a trailer, which you can watch below. More details on all of the new features and changes can be found here.


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H1Z1 is now Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1 is now Z1 Battle Royale

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Season 3 has arrived and with the rebrand comes plenty of updates to core elements of the game, including weapons, environments, and more.

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