Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1 adds a new crate and the Outbreak map

Also known as Z1 remastered.

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Daybreak Game Company has announced that a new update for H1Z1 has landed on PC, bringing with it a new map called Outbreak, a map you may also know as Z1 remastered.

This new map is 8km by 8km and is meant to appeal to all players old and new, with older players perhaps noticing a few smaller points of interests in the map. It's available to play in all regular modes, and spawn selection has been disabled based on community feedback. What's more is that there are multiple lighting and climate schemes that randomly rotate, with hints it could appear in Arcade mode too.

There's also the Apocalypse Crate as well, which is available now from the in-game marketplace, including a Rainbow Unicorn set, items fit for the summer, and the first legendary gun skin, which can be previewed in the image below, as well as the trailer for Outbreak.

For more on the updates check the original post. Do you regularly dive into H1Z1?

Z1 Battle Royale

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H1Z1 is now Z1 Battle Royale

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