Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Gwent gets holiday-themed update

There are rewards to be earned, possessed snowmen to be slain, and a Yule Challenge requiring you to pick sides.

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CD Projekt Red has revealed that they're getting festive with Gwent on PC and iOS, offering a winter event for the holiday season, bringing in a themed game board, unique challenges, offers, and rewards.

The holiday event is running between now and January 9, including a new board that lets you win special presents by killing possessed snowmen, appearing randomly. You can get all sorts of rewards from this, including avatars, card backs, resources, and even the chance to get an ultra-rare item.

Until January 2 players can also enjoy a Yule Challenge, supporting either the Wraith of Yule or Santa Crach, completing challenges to get reward points. Each side has a total point tally too, and XP boosts will be given out once the challenge is over, depending on who wins.

On top of all of this we also have limited-time offers on items like Mirror Shards, Ultimate Premium Kegs, and winter ornaments like titles, avatars, and more. There's even a special Christmas leader skin for Crach an Craite, with the winter sale discounting expansion-themed items every weekend until January 6 too.

For more on the festive content hitting Gwent, head this way. Has this sorted your festive plans?

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

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