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Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom merging both esports and casual players

We talked with Game Insight's Anatoly Ropotov in London.

Game Insight's Guns of Boom is an FPS mobile game that has just hit 30 million players, and while we were in London recently we got the chance to talk with Game Insight's CEO Anatoly Ropotov about the game, and more specifically how it caters to an esports market that hasn't quite been nailed by other mobile FPS titles so far, according to him.

"Guns of Boom is like an emerging, mobile, first[-person] shooter game," he explained. "It's the most accessible mobile first-person shooter out there. It kind of plays like any other first-person shooter on steroids. This sounds really bad awkward to the pro esports players but you don't have to aim, press shoot button, crouch, jump - but I think that's part of the appeal of the title, that makes it so accessible on mobile. You can finally just enjoy the FPS gameplay versus focusing on awkward controls and trying to find all the buttons and things like that."

We also asked about whether Ropotov believes Guns of Booms fills a gap in the market as a mobile FPS title, which is something Ropotov certainly agrees with.

"Yeah absolutely," he said. "We figured out there is no definite FPS game on mobile somehow. So many great games came out throughout the years like [...] Critical Ops and Modern Combat 5 is great, and there are just a couple of good games, and a lot of them have even reached a pretty good scale, but something actually never clicked with these games. I think it's more of a pay-to-win element, the lack of fully esports-centric modes that are more about fair play, so something that was already missing, and I think the barrier of entry into those games with the awkward controls has always been there."

"So now we figured out that if we could bring all the casual players and esports players together in one place that's gonna be a much more vibrant and stable community, so that's what we hope to achieve with Guns of Boom in the upcoming months."

Do you think Guns of Boom's approach to mobile FPS action is better than others?

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