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Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom kicking off first esports season in June

Players in Europe and North America can compete.

Developer Game Insight is celebrating the first birthday of their mobile shooter Guns of Boom by announcing that the debut esports season for the game will start on June 9, being presented with ESL and having $200,000 USD up for grabs in prize money.

All players from both Europe and North America can compete in ESL Go4 Cups, which require you to be level 22 and sign up for the tournament on the ESL website, and this will be played in Pro Play Mode, designed alongside esports teams to ensure fair play. There are also live events like the Guns of Boom European Invitational in Katowice, Poland, on July 29, as well as the main event in Los Angeles later this year, featuring eight teams.

"From its very first day, Guns of Boom has been all about one thing: competition," said Anatoly Ropotov, Game Insight CEO. "After a year of refining the experience and working with leading members of the esports community, we're finally ready to kick off our first major eSport season with ESL. Guns of Boom had a tremendous first year, reaching nearly 50 million players. Now let's see how many of them are ready to go pro!"

"The growth in esports momentum is the most exciting thing to happen to video games in a decade," added Nikita Sherman, Head of Strategy at Game Insight. "Even though much of the focus today is on PC and console, mobile esports is set to make a huge impact on the competitive landscape. We're ecstatic to have found a partner in ESL who is ready to pioneer the early days of mobile esports with us, and that starts this summer with our $200,000 inaugural season for Guns of Boom."

Do you think Guns of Boom has a bright future as an esport?

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Guns of Boom
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