Gun Gun Pixies

Gun Gun Pixies announced for Nintendo Switch

The game originally released for PS Vita in 2017, but now it's coming to both Switch and PC to reintroduce us to the two tiny pixies.

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Back in 2017 Compile Heart's Gun Gun Pixies was released for PS Vita, but only in Japan. However, PQube Games has announced that they are bringing Gun Gun Pixies to the West, but it won't be released for PS Vita, instead coming for two other formats - PC and Nintendo Switch.

The game puts you in control of two really tiny pixies from the high-tech planet Pandemo, who are now visiting Earth to study relationships amongst humans. This will of course lead to the characters sneaking into a school dorm to practice espionage, and they'll also have to avoid being crushed by humans while interacting with them and collecting stuff.

Gun Gun Pixies will be released later this year and there will also be a collectors edition available with extras like alternate costumes, concept drawings, and a more exclusive box for the game. A trailer for the Switch version can be found below too, if you want to see what's what before heading in.

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Gun Gun Pixies

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