Guillermo del Toro would love to do a Bioshock film

Gore Verbinski was previously attached to one such project.

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The film adaptation of Bioshock was around Hollywood for ages, with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski attached for quite some time, before the project was ultimately killed. This was due to Verbinski requiring an extensive budget to recreate Rapture, as well as seeking a hard R-rating.

So, the film is dead, but one famous director would still like to take a stab at it, this director being Guillermo del Toro. In an interview with Shortlist, del Toro expressed interest in directing a film based on Irrational's legendary game.

"As for making movies out of games, the one I could really see is BioShock. I would love to make it into a movie. Gore Verbinski was attached to it, and he would have been perfect," del Toro said.

Maybe, with R-rated successes like Deadpool and Logan, there's space for that adaptation now. Would you agree?


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