Guild Esports permitted to play in Valorant First Strike Qualifiers again after using cheat exploit

The David Beckham backed Guild Esports used an illegal boost spot but will be able to play again.

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Following the usage of an exploit during the Valorant First Strike Qualifiers, the David Beckham backed Guild Esports organisation will be permitted to play in the tournament again next week.

As tweeted from the Valorant official channel, the update states; "Riot officials have discovered that during their game on 11/13 Guild Esports used an exploit against G2 Esports. Exploits are prohibited under rule 7.2.6 of the Global Competition Policy and as such Guild have been handed a forfeited loss."

The tweet follows up saying; "G2 played in their place this afternoon [Nov 14], and Guild will be permitted to play in the Qualifiers next week."

Guild Esports responded to the announcement with a tweet detailing a quick glimpse at the exploit, which involved using Sage's wall to boost players, in a spot regarded as an illegal boost spot.

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