Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla on giving Kojima their engine on a memory stick

"If you need an engine you can always use ours."

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At Gamelab we've had the chance to speak to a lot of big names in the industry, including Guerrilla's executive producer Angie Smets, and here we got to hear more about a lovely little anecdote revolving around the time that the team gave Hideo Kojima access to their engine... on a memory stick, a story we heard about earlier this year.

"Yeah, so it was really nice for us to have Kojima-san visiting our offices," she said. "He was doing a tour of all the worldwide studios to just learn about their depth processes, look at all the technologies that they were using; I think we were the last one of the whole trip. So our technical direction and our art director, they made this huge presentation, like I think 190 slides, really explaining every single aspect of our engine. It's a big engine, the engine has been developed for, what is it, 20 years almost, and of course we had to overhaul a lot of it to make an open-world engine, so it's nice when you can then talk about it and show everything it does, and it's always great to have another development team visiting the studio."

"So that was a really nice day, and at the end we put a copy of the engine on a memory stick, so we gave it to the Kojima team that 'you know, if you need an engine you can always use ours. Obviously if you don't want to use it it's also fine'. They were in such a difficult position and very unique situation as well, where you have a world-class development team and you don't have an engine to build. And you know, they signed a deal with Sony so part of the family."

Well that turned out to be a rather fruitful trip for Kojima and his team then, didn't it?

Horizon: Zero Dawn

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