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Guerrilla Collective Indie Showcase returns this June

The show will feature more than 80 games.

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This June E3 is not the only source for us to get a lot of gaming news from, we will also see Guerrilla Collective Indie Showcase once again coming back. If you're not aware, this is a "digital games festival to reveal fresh announcements, trailers, gameplay, and more, bringing together some of the hottest developers and publishers around the world", as stated on the event's official page.

According to what they told IGN, Guerrilla Collective Indie Showcase 2021 will feature more than 80 games from the top-notch developers and publishers such as 505 Games, tinyBuild and more.

This year the event will be held from June 5 to June 12, starting at 5 pm CET. So far, the developers and publishers confirmed can be found below (courtesy of IGN):

  • 2Awesome Studio (Rainswept)

  • 505 Games (Control, Bloodstained)

  • Akupara Games (Mutazione)

  • All in! Games (Ghostrunner)

  • Goblinz Studio (Banners of Ruin)

  • Fellow Traveller (Genesis Noir)

  • Good Shepherd (Monster Train)

  • Grafitti Games (Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion)

  • Humble Games (TemTem)

  • Headup Games (Bridge Constructor)

  • Hypetrain Digital (Breathedge)

  • Innersloth (Among Us)

  • tinyBuild (Hello Neighbor)

  • Neon Doctrine (Doors of Insanity)

  • Perfect World (Torchlight III)

  • Raw Fury (Call of the Sea)

  • Superhot (Superhot)

  • Thunderful (Lonely Mountains: Downhill)

  • Versus Evil (The Banner Saga)

  • Whitethorn Games (Calico)

Guerrilla Collective Indie Showcase returns this June

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