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Guardians Frontline

Guardians Frontline, a strategic space shooter in VR for 2023

VR publisher Fast Travel Games will take the title for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR.

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Fast Travel Games has just announced a publishing deal with VirtualAge Games studio for Guardians Frontline, a strategic sci-fi VR shooter. Featuring powerful weapons, structure creation and an in-game map editor, Guardians Frontline allows players to take on the role of both soldier and commander at the same time.

"We have long enjoyed famous games like Halo and Starcraft, which have undeniably influenced us when developing Guardians Frontline," said Carles Ballabriga of VirtualAge Games. "Our talented friends at Fast Travel Games are known in the VR space for their compelling line-up of titles and are the perfect publishing partner to ensure our game reaches the right audience."

While the title will be released alongside a set of battle-ready maps, players can use the editor to create unique maps for the entire community to enjoy. The community maps will be free and the publisher promises that they will test your skills and strategies "in almost infinite landscapes".

Originally released as Guardians on the Oculus App Lab, Guardians Frontline will be released for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR in early 2023.

Guardians FrontlineGuardians FrontlineGuardians Frontline
Guardians FrontlineGuardians Frontline

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