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Guangzhou Charge owners reportedly buy out eStar's LPL slot

The Overwatch League team owners seem to be eyeing up League of Legends as their next esport.

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It has been reported that the owners of the Guangzhou Charge Overwatch League team have bought-out the eStar League of Legends spot in the Chinese-based LPL. Detailed by FOMOS reporter Kenzi, the information states that Nenking Group (the operators of Guangzhou Charge has acquired the eStar's LPL seed, and will therefore be eligible to compete in the 2021 LPL season.

Aside from being part of the Overwatch League, this move marks Nenking Group's first venture to alternative esports opportunities. Considering the nature of this deal, it is also difficult to know which name this new franchise will take, as it likely won't follow a naming convention similar to its Overwatch League team. With that being said, having Guangzhou in the name is not exactly out of the question. This move also marks the first time a group has moved from Overwatch into League of Legends, as usually it is in the opposite direction.

Whatever ends up occurring due to this acquisition will likely be revealed sooner than later, as the LPL season usually begins in March.

League of Legends
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