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GTFO is getting major Infection update soon

New gameplay trailer gives you an extended look at the co-op shooter from 10 Chambers Collective.

Following hot on the heels of last year's December release into Steam Early Access, 10 Chambers Collective is preparing another content drop of significance. It's called Infection and it's due to land on March 31 (1pm CET), when it will deliver two new guns, a new environment explored across ten new maps (some of which will only unlock once a certain number of people have completed earlier levels), new objectives, and some fresh-faced enemies to battle.

If you want to see the new-look environment simply check out the gameplay trailer below, which will give you an extended look at four players on the hunt for a terminal to set up an uplink, but as you'll see, the team has to work out their own path as GTFO is not a game to hold your hand.

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