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Grand Theft Auto V

GTAV coming to next-gen "if that's where consumers are"

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick semi-confirms more platforms in the future for GTAV.

There has been plenty of noise made about a possible PC version of Grand Theft Auto V (read more here and here, and in an interview with MCV Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick had the following to say about GTAV coming to other platforms, including next-gen:

"If that is where consumers are, absolutely [we'll release our game on that].".

"But we wouldn't drive them there, we would just be there if they are there. That is why we have a companion app for our basketball title, NBA 2K Everywhere. It is wherever consumers want to be."

"We are not in the hardware business, we don't have any dog in that hut, we just want to be where the consumer is."

Sounds like it's coming as surely Take-Two will have heard the screams of millions of PC players by now as well as next-gen gamers dying for some GTAV.

Grand Theft Auto V