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GTA Online's Diamond Casino unavailable in over 50 countries

Rockstar has limited the virtual casino in certain regions, meaning those players can't purchase chips.

Links between gambling and gaming has been a heated debate in recent years, especially with regards to lootboxes in games. Countries like Belgium have cracked down on this practice, and now it seems that GTA Online's new Diamond Casino is being heavily regulated as well, being unavailable in several countries.

A list has been shared on Reddit outlining those countries that have had issues accessing it, with one Reddit user saying their account could not purchase virtual chips for the casino because of their region. This includes various European countries, as well as China, North Korea, and places where online gambling is illegal.

Considering the anger around lootboxes, it's likely that Rockstar put in the work to ban the casino's gambling features in appropriate countries, like where online gambling is illegal. That has made a lot of people ask why this is so heavily restricted if lootboxes are still so prevalent everywhere, although governments are looking into lootboxes more heavily, with some (although not all) deeming them illegal.

What do you make of Diamond Casino being restricted in some parts of the world?

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