Gran Turismo 6

GT Academy 2014 set to start next week

Are you good enough at Gran Turismo 6 to reach the finals?

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GT Academy, has since its start in 2008, been an interesting marriage of virtual and real-world racing. And from the ranks of GT Academy several prominent race drivers have emerged. One of the winners, Jann Mardenborough, races in GP3 circuit while the very first winner Lucas Ordoñez is racing SuperGT in Japan and will compete with another GT Academy graduate Wolfgang Reip at Le Mans in Nissan's experimental ZEOD RC.

The first stage of this year's GT Academy will kick off in Gran Turismo 6 on Monday (April 21). For more on GT Academy, check out the Facebook page.

Gran Turismo 6
Lucas Ordoñez and the ZEOD RC.

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