Skylanders Swap Force

GRTV: Vicarious Visions on Skylanders: Swap Force

Each new figurine grows your selection by the power of two.

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Vicarious Visions' Guha Bala talks us through the next evolution of the Skylanders concept - Swap Force.


"You can mix and match your Skylanders top and bottom halves to create over 250 Skylanders combinations."

"There's a lot to it because Swap Force Skylanders can upgrade both on the top part as well as the bottom part, and they have independent branching upgrade paths."

"If I have a couple and my friend has a couple more, then instead of just having four Skylanders we actually have 16 possible combinations we can make. So with every new Swap Force character you add to your collection, the number of possibilities go up by the power of two. So add a fifth one it's 25 and so forth."

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