Trackmania 2

GRTV: Trackmania 2 Interview

multiplayer, customisation discussed

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Trackmania 2 was one of the odder moments of Ubisoft's conference.

Not because the game looked in any way bad - the trailer was quite punchy and looked to fill a gap unfilled by the current racing market (as these screens can attest) - but that it was going to be part of a larger ManiaWorld, which seemed to be a brand that will see the Mania name be used in FPS and RPG games in the future (ShootMania and QuestMania).

GTRVmet up with Edouard Beauchemin, the International Product manager on Trackmania 2: Canyon to discuss the game.

Trackmania 2Trackmania 2Trackmania 2
Trackmania 2Trackmania 2Trackmania 2
Trackmania 2Trackmania 2Trackmania 2Trackmania 2

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