Ascend: Hand of Kul

GRTV: Signal Studios on Ascend: New Gods

Free-to-play fantasy slasher heading to Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

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We caught up with Brandon Gillam, art director on Ascend: New Gods, to discuss the upcoming free-to-play XBLA title from Signal Studios.

Gillam went on record with what's been going on since the game was first revealed:

"After E3 last year we took all our work, we kind of rebooted, got ready for a big crunch, put it all away, started again fresh, really started to lay into the real meat of the game. And in the past year we've basically got the job done."

"We wanted to make a big, brutal fantasy slasher game. So we knew that, but going into it we didn't want to accidentally make one big long quest, but we also didn't just want to make arena battling... We found a nice spot in between - you've got your own little world to quest in and all the other players a questing in paralell to you. You can do PvP, you can do co-op, you can do neither just quest or you can do all three and your world is kind of safe from the other players. So you never roll into a zone and everything is dead."

The video also contains some exclusive footage from the PAX East demo build.

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