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GRTV: Remedy talks Quantum Break

CEO Matias Myllyrinne at Gamelabs: "In many ways it's a dream come true."

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CEO Matias Myllyrinne talks us through all things Remedy. The innovative triple-A offering of Quantum Break, the good things about Xbox One, the future of Alan Wake and the vision of the Finnish studio ("we've always followed our own path, we've built things that we like").


On Quantum Break:

"For me in many ways it's a dream come true. We're building upon two core pillars: one is, if you look at kind of what we did with stylized action of Max Payne, we're pushing the envelope further there. If you look at what we did with interactive storytelling on Alan Wake, we're once again pushing the envelope further there. Combining these two elements into one ultimate Remedy experience in many ways."

"It's a cinematic action game that you'd expect from Remedy, but in the other hand it's also a time-travel mystery, a story told in a new way. So the pacing of the game is episodic and it also ships with a top of the line TV show... and your choices and your actions in the game will impact all of your content."

Speaking of the announcement and the first teaser at the Xbox One unveiling Myllyrinne said:

"Then we had the opportunity to talk a little more about it in Los Angeles at E3... to show a little bit more of that, show that it's real, it's in-game, it's real time, it's running, which is really important for us, because we got a lot of comments 'it's CG'".

"You could say we've drawn inspiration from classics such as Back to the Future, Terminator and maybe newer films like Inception and kind of building a sci-fi thriller."

"We're not a launch title. We're out of pre-production, we're in production, we have a date but we can't talk about that unfortunately."

On Xbox One:

"The good thing about the [Xbox One] hardware that obviously you have more power, second is the fact that you'll have digital abilities to kind of update things more naturally and more fluidly. We can learn from the mobile and tablet side on the longer term where you can do smaller content drops... I mean if you just think about Fallout 3; it'd be awesome if in that world there would be events or things would happen there."

On Alan Wake 2 after Quantum Break:

"We want to return when the time is right."

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