Medal of Honor: Warfighter

GRTV: Medal of Honor Interview

Different classes and authenticity.

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Rasmus caught up with Medal of Honor's Greg Goodrich and they discussed the absence of Denmark's special forces from the game, authenticity and the different classes set to feature in Warfighter.

They discussed the different classes set to feature: "Mostly the differences come in the different classes. There's six different classes, so there's total of 72 operators to unlock. A demolitions class plays much differently to a sniper, much differently to a point man, assaulter, heavy gunner, spec ops. So the differences really come down to the different classes and the weapon systems."

Goodrich also explained how this Medal of Honor differs from previous instalments. "This is the first medal of honor not set in a single location or a single historical event. It's multiple touch-points, multiple moments that are inspired by dotted lines and things that have actually happened."

And a key word associated with the game is authenticity: "We try to keep things authentic. We've talked about that and we use the word authenticity quite a bit. And we also try to keep things plausible and relatable. These characters are all based on and inspired by real guys and the types of things they're going through."


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