March of the Eagles

GRTV: March of the Eagles

We sit down with Paradox.

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We sat down with programmer Olof Björk from Paradox Development Studios to find out more about the development of March of the Eagles. March of the Eagles was originally known as Napoleon's Campaigns II and was at that time co-developed between Paradox France (Ageod) and Paradox Development Studios. As Paradox France went back to being fully independent (now once again called Ageod), Paradox Development Studios took over the full development of the project.

"We wanted to focus the gameplay more. And make it a little bit more of a sandbox game, and give the player the opportunity to take history wherever they wanted it."

The game was originally planned for release this year, but is now targeted for release early next year:

"We've just began the beta now, and hopefully in the beginning of next year it's gonna be out. But we focus on getting a real stabile release, so we will work with the betas and the internal QA for a long time, longer than we usually do on a title like this."


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