GRTV Live: PS4 Launch Play

Join us as we dig our way through the console' launch titles ahead of release tomorrow.

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Today you're getting a triple-punch of live-streams from us.

Join us from 3pm for our latest GRTV Live show as we sit down to play through the PS4's launch titles in the studio (with giveaways and we'll answer your questions submitted in the GRTV LIve chat room as we play).

Later on this evening we'll have not one but two live-streams counting down to the PS4's midnight launch. Sony will be hosting their own event direct from London's PlayStation Lounge (a link to which we'll have on the site later today), while the GRTV boys will be live-streaming simultaneously for the European angle from Denmark's launch party.

So if you're not stuck in a queue waiting to pick up your console, come join us as the next-gen launch continues.

GRTV Live: PS4 Launch Play

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