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Tropico 5

GRTV: Haemimont talks Tropico 5

"The idea for Tropico 5 is to make a bigger, better, more fun Tropico in every single way."

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Gamereactor's Martin Eiser caught up with the CEO of Haemimont Games, Gabriel Dobrev, to find out more about the upcoming chapter in the Tropico series.


"The idea for Tropico 5 is to make a bigger, better, more fun Tropico in every single way. So we've changed all of the old mechanics. We have re-imagined them and also added a lot of cool new stuff."

One of the biggest changes is that the game now spans a longer time period.

"You start as a colonial governor and then you progress to being a president of an independent nation, and then you go through the World Wars, to the Cold War and into the modern era. So this is a very long timespan, there is a lot of different things happening in each of these eras. Every single era is a little bit different. Initially you have something like a deadline to how long you can serve as a governor, your mandate, and you can discuss with the crown and do favours for them in order to increase your mandate. And also they require you to do a lot of different stuff, which are good for them and not so good for you. So the end result is that you declare independence at some point when you've gathered enough supporters from your people."

Tropico 5 is targeted for release in April next year on PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox 360.

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