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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

GRTV: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer

Treyarch discusses innovations.

Director of Brand Development, Jay Puryear, discusses the interesting innovations Treyarch are bringing to the Call of Duty multiplayer this year with Black Ops 2.

On the new "Pick 10" system:

"The pick 10 we think is going to be great for the fans. You know, what kind of a player are you - are you a run and gunner, are you a sniper, you know based on the different modes that you play, you can actually pick those ten pieces of content however you want to do your loadout. I think the players are really going to enjoy the wild cards and actually break some of the systems where they can actually run with two perks from the same class, maybe three attachments, pick up an extra lethal grenade or tactical rather. I think it's really going to give the opportunity for our players and fans alike to really try and experiment with a lot of different things."

On the addition of Codcaster:

"What we've been able to do is really add kind of like a spectator mode to your multiplayer experience. So if someone goes into the theatre you can actually replay the match, and actually shoutcast it to your friends, you can bring up the scoreboard, you bring up the overhead map, you can look exactly how many people, who's on killstreaks, so it's really this opportunity for our fans to sort of go back in and look at the match and see what happened."

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