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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

GRTV: Black Flag's Jackdaw and social features

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Associate producer Sylvain Trottier talks to us about the Jackdaw and its features in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.


"In previous AC you could upgrade the main character. Now we have kind of two main characters, because you have Edward but you also have the Jackdaw, which is his ship. The ship starts as a really basic one, so you need to upgrade your hull, you need to upgrade your cannons, you need to get more ammo. You really need to make a good weapon of war with it."

The discussion focused on the Jackdaw, but also on things like how your friends will aid you in your Caribbean quest.

"Discovery sharing is one of the online system that we implemented in the game. So the idea is to try to break a bit of the loneliness. So you're still going to play in singleplayer, you're still going to be alone doing your own missions. But your friends can still add markers on your map. So if I find discovery sharing treasures. These treasures are put in the world by our servers, and once they are put there, once you can find them the location of this treasure is shared with all your friends and they're timed based so the treasure is going to be there for a certain time and then disappear."

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